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Our PMP, CAPM and PMI-SP courses include 1000s of questions to help build your exam taking skills.   In addition, we make many questions available free of charge:


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PMI-SP Test Questions

Download 30 free questions (there is a link in the spreadsheet to download the answers) - no registration required!


PMP Test Questions

Download 30 free questions (there is a link in the spreadsheet to download the answers) - no registration required!


CAPM Test Questions

Download 25 free questions (there is a link in the spreadsheet to download the answers) - no registration required! 

These questions are in addition to the 2000+ questions included in our various courses.

For more on our PMI-SP course explore this website.

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For a discussion on the value of questions in your examination preparation see our article on: PMP Questions – getting a second opinion?



Other Question Sets We Like

These are PMP question sets (there are very few PMI-SP sets we know of.  The main topics of relevance to the PMI-SP exam are: Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Communications, Risk, and Stakeholders (but practicing any good set of questions helps!).


Oliver Lehmann Oliver provides his sample questions in a variety of formats (no registration required). From the site, you can take a free 75-question simulated, timed (90 minute) exam. He also includes a link-page to thousands of free sample questions as well as a download option (PDF) for an additional 175 sample questions, which is also available in German. Smartphone owners can access another 30 free questions for their iPhone/iPad and/or Android in the iTunes Store and Android Market, respectively.


Cornelius Fichtner 120 Free Sample PMP® Practice Exam Questions. Register to receive free PMP sample questions delivered right to your Inbox -- a series of free sample questions, as well as a Weekly PMP Exam Tips newsletter delivered right to you. You’ll continue to receive fresh content, as new questions are always being created and added. Sign up to try Cornelius' Exam Simulator for three days -- free! This PM Exam Simulator gives you the opportunity to practice taking the PMP Exam in a way that mimics the actual exam. The Simulator feeds you questions of the same style and difficulty that you’ll see on the exam and proportionately as far as the correct process group (i.e., Initiation=11%, Planning =23%, etc.). You’ll experience various types of questions, from formula-based questions to interpretational questions. Another plus for this site is that you can take the practice exam in three modes: Real Exam Mode (just like the real PMP exam experience); Timed Mode (receive hints and answers, but still adhere to a limited time); or Learning Mode (receive hints and answers with no time limit). 


PreparePM This site offers two different free “mock exams”—the first has 70 questions; the second has 28 questions, and the answers to the questions are included at the end of each exam. You can filter the sample questions by the various knowledge areas covered in the exam (i.e., questions on Risk Management, or Quality Management, or Ethics, etc.), so you can focus your studies on the areas where you think you need the most help. The site also includes a link to a free, timed 200-question PMP practice exam (although you do have to register on the site).


Exam Central Registration required. This PMP Exam study site includes a 1000+ sample-question test bank. Once you have registered, you can access the test bank, as well as an unlimited number of full-length mock exams, customizable PMP flashcards, and a PMP dictionary. Two nice features of note : first, once you take a practice exam, you can re-open it for review; second, the practice exam provides you with visual, analytical progress reporting, so you know exactly where you stand during your mock exam.


EdWel Programs  Free access to a 75 question practice exam  - answers show as soon as you make your selection. A few answers are a bit questionable but overal a good practice set.


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