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PMI-SP® Eligibility Requirements


To apply for the PMI-SP examination you must demonstrate the following requirements:

PMI will accept training in scheduling tools such as MicroSoft Project or Primavera, however, this type of training will not help you pass your exam!  Mosaic's PMI-SP course is rated at 40 contact hours.

Headline Issues

  • Do not over apply - the application is a threshold process. There is absolutely no benefit in having more than the specified minimums.  Round out the last project or training that crosses the threshold and STOP!
  • Every item entered in your application must be fully documented if you are audited.  If you enter 10,000 hours of experience and fail to document 500 you will fail the audit.
  • Make 100% sure you can contact all of your referees. PMI do not like to accept substitute referees without very powerful extenuating circumstances.
  • PDUs are completely different to the hours of eligible training needed for a credential. For more on this see: PDUs and the PMI Examination Eligibility Requirements
  • Nothing is uploaded when you apply for a credential - everything is entered into web-forms. Supporting documents are only needed if you are audited.
  • Your experience needs to be 'real'.
  • If you are not a PMI member and intend joining; complete your PMI application first, receive your membership # and then apply for the PMP exam.
    • This means you only have one 'number' in the PMI system
    • Plus you receive the discount on the examination fee
  • Special test accommodations.  PMI have processes to provide exam access to individuals with documented disabilities. Arranging special access takes 30 to 60 days - details are available from the PMI website.
  • For full details, download the PMI-SP Handbook



The Details

The supporting documentation/information required by a candidate before applying for the examination is: -

  • Educational background (degree or diploma or equivalent for Category 1)
  • Experience verification form(s) meeting the requirements above + referees (usually  managers) to verify the time claimed for each project listed.
  • Proof of having successfully completed the required number of contact hours of project management education.
    • Any project scheduling training is acceptable provided it covers the knowledge areas from the exam specification, but you must have certificates to prove you attended the course and details of the course content.
    • If you require Mosaic's certificate to make up the 40 Hrs do not apply until the completion of the course - Mosaic's training is pre-approved by PMI for the 40 Hrs - if you are using our certificate you do not need any other training.
  • Potential candidates must also agree to abide by the PMI Code of Ethics: View PMI Code of Ethics 


PMI routinely reviews and/or audits all Certification applications. During the audit process, PMI requires formal verification of all information you have provided, by your employer(s) and schools. This is a very formal process designed to maintain quality in the Certification Program. If incorrect information is found during the audit process, you will have your Certification or eligibility revoked.

PMP training courses offered by Mosaic and other R.E.P.s (see more on PMI Registered Education Providers) are pre-approved by PMI for the designated Contact Hours in fulfilment of your PMI-SP eligibility requirements. The eligibility of contact hours from other training sources are the responsibility of the PMI-SP candidate and will be determined on a case-by-case basis through the application audit process.


What next?

If you are eligible for the PMI-SP credential: