Mosaic Planning and Controls

PMI-SP® course contents

Mosaic's PMI-SP® course covers the five domains of knowledge, plus the 24 'cross-cutting knowledge and skills, defined in the PMI-SP Examination Content Outline.

Circle2.pngThe 5 Domains are:

  • Schedule strategy (14% of examination) – Activities related to establishing and documenting the approach to scheduling including policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and scheduling objectives and goals. 
  • Schedule planning and development (31% of examination) – Activities related to defining and sequencing activities and milestones, developing the work and resource breakdown structure, and establishing the performance measurement baseline (PMB). 
  • Schedule monitoring and control (35% of examination) – Activities related to monitoring the schedule progress,
    performing schedule analysis, and managing change appropriately. 
  • Schedule closeout (6% of examination) – Activities related to finalising all schedule activities, evaluating schedule performance against the original baseline, documenting lessons learned, and distributing final schedule information. 
  • Stakeholder communication management (14% of examination) – Activities related to developing and fostering relationships with stakeholders, and supporting project schedule-related communication over the course of the project. 

Plus our course includes training in the 24 specific 'cross-cutting' knowledge and skills defined in the PMI-SP Exam Content Outline as well as the individual 'domain specific' knowledge and skills. Each domain is further broken down into between 5 and 12 specific 'tasks' and has a set of defined knowledge and skill requirements, the course has been built to address all of these requirements. See more on our PMI-SP course delivery


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Course Structure & Contents

Mosaic's PMI-SP course consists of 12 modules structured as follows:

  1. Overview & Strategy 3 Hrs
    • Core principles
    • Simple -v- Complex projects
    • Planning Strategy 
  2. Schedule Development & Analysis  3 Hrs
    • Schedule types and techniques
    • Schedule design
    • Time Analysis
  3. Resource & Cost Loading  3 Hrs
    • Resource analysis
    • Cost loading
  4. Schedule Management & Reporting  3 Hrs
    • Updating the schedule
    • Change control
    • Reporting
  5. Definitions & Scheduling Software  3 Hrs
    • Definitions and acronyms
    • Desirable software attributes 
  6. Not used
  7. Organisations  3 Hrs
    • Org structures and authority / responsibility
    • Organisational process assets and historical data
    • Structures and systems 
  8. Scope and WBS  3 Hrs
    • Scope definition constraints and assumptions
    • WBS* & WBS Dictionary 
  9. Cost and Earned Value  3 Hrs
    • Project cost management
    • Estimating*
    • Earned Value*
  10. Risk  3 Hrs
    • Risk* 
  11. Communication & stakeholders  3 Hrs
    • Communication Theory
    • Stakeholders
  12. Advanced Scheduling*  5 Hrs
    • Scheduling* (not included in modules 1 to 5)
    • Schedule Assessment
    • Schedule Components* 
  13. Revision and Test  5 Hrs
    • Course revision
    • 100 Question test

* These sections include references to PMI Practice Standards as well as the PMBOK® GuidePMI members can download these practice standards (and the PMBOK) as PDFs free of charge once they have logged into the PMI website as a member. 


Reference texts

Our PMI-SP course references three books:

If you prefer a paper copy of the reference texts, we stock and supply copies within Australia (and can post overseas at a cost), in addition, the PMI Marketplace ( stocks their standards and Amazon hold stocks of all of the references.  PMI members can access all of the PMI publications as PDFs free fo charge (as well as receiving a significant discount on the examination fee - see more on our application page).
The Guide is only available in hard copy.

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 What will you get?

  • We will provide you with a certificate confirming 40 hours of approved training at the completion of the course.
  • A framework of information through references and proprietary materials to allow participants to acquire the PMI-specific knowledge required to pass the examination.
  • A structured framework to test participants’ knowledge on a progressive basis against PMI-SP examination standards. Mock tests are included in each module based on exam-style questions.
  • One-on-one feedback is provided on your performance in each domain to allow you focus on areas requiring improvement - we are happy to provide additional information, mentoring and advice on request.
  • Handouts are provided, plus links to nearly 200 White Papers.
  • A 100 question PMI-SP benchmark test at the end of the course. 
  • Ongoing mentoring and support until you pass your exam.
  • See more details on the PMI-SP course.  

 See more on our PMI-SP course delivery


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