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PMI-SP® Exam Application Processes



Application Basics and Fees for the PMP Exam

Applications for the PMI-SP examination should be made ‘on-line’ via the PMI website at and follow the links under the "Certification" menu.

All examination fees are charged in US Dollars, cheques and money orders must be payable against an American bank. All major credit cards are accepted.


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The cost of joining PMI is US$129.00 plus US$10.00 joining fee (total US$129). Therefore joining PMI first (using the on-line registration) will reduce your examination costs and you will receive all of the other benefits and discounts available to members. Membership of PMI Components, including local Chapters are an additional fee above the base membership. Australian Chapter fees are US$65.00 per annum. See more on PMI membership benefits. For PMI Membership details go to and follow the links to "membership" under the "Get Involved" menu.


The Application Process


The first step in the application process requires completing the on-line application forms found under 'Certifications'*. If you are intending to take a 'Paper Based Exam' this has to be selected at this point. The form checks your 'number add up' and will not let an incomplete form be submitted.

PMI staff then review your application for completeness.

Once your on-line application has been assessed and determined to be complete, PMI will send you and email notification to submit payment of the credential fee. This requires you to go back into the on-line certification system to: request any special facilities**, and submit payment.

After making your payment, your application will either be randomly selected for PMI's Audit process or you will receive your examination scheduling instructions.

After receiving your email advising your candidate details, scheduling your examination is straightforward. All eligible candidates can quickly and easily schedule, cancel and reschedule*** their certification examinations on-line.  NOTE: PMI-SP exams are available for scheduling through Pearson VUE. Testing with Pearson VUE will begin 1 July 2019. PMI will stop testing at Prometric for all PMI certifications on 30 June.

Please note it is critical that your name used in the application process exactly matches on the government-issued identification that you will be presenting to access the testing center. Address variations on your government issued ID do not matter, only the name.

Following registration, candidates must take their examination within the twelve-month eligibility period. A refund is possible, however, to obtain a refund for the PMI-SP certification, you must make a request to PMI at least 30 days before the exam eligibility expiration date. PMI will retain a processing fee of US$100 if you have not yet scheduled or taken the examination.

*    The processing sequence for paper-based application is different. Applications for a 'paper-based test' are done on-line but the PBT needs to be chosen at the start - see below.
*   PMI can make a range of facilities available to allow people with medically certified disabilities an equal opportunity to sit the exam, contact PMI for details. 
*** Conditions and fees apply to cancellations and rescheduling within 30 days of your selected date.

PMI routinely reviews and/or audits all Certification applications. During the audit process, PMI requires formal verification of all information you have provided, by your employer(s) and schools. This is a very formal process designed to maintain quality in the Certification Program. If incorrect information is found during the audit process, you will have your Certification or eligibility revoked.

PMI-SP training courses offered by Mosaic and other R.E.P.s (see more on PMI Registered Education Providers) are pre-approved by PMI for the designated Contact Hours in fulfilment of your PMI-SP eligibility requirements. The eligibility of contact hours from other training sources are the responsibility of the PMI-SP candidate and will be determined on a case-by-case basis through the application audit process.



Paper Base Exams:

PMI offers paper based exams (PBT) in many locations where access to a computer-based testing (CBT) centre is not possible.

-  In Australia, this includes exams in Brisbane and Adelaide (computer-based testing is available in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth). 
-  For the location and dates of scheduled public PBTs see: 
-  Lead times for booking into PBT exams are different 
-  You MUST select the PBT option at the start of the booking process to access the PBT system.  For more information download a copy of the PMI PMI-SP Application Handbook



  1. We recommend using the on-line application process - the forms in the handbook provide a useful reference before making your application.
  2. IF there is any conflict between the summary information contained on this page and the detailed information contained on the PMI website, the PMI information takes precedence.
  3. This information is provided to assist PMI-SP examination candidates to understand their obligations, it is not necessarily up to date or accurate.
  4. All PMI-SP forms are copyright of PMI.