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Coaching.jpgTutoring / teaching typically forms part of an education program and is focused on teaching, or enhancing taught skills and knowledge. The purpose of teaching is to impart knowledge and information through instruction and explanation. The goal for the student is to acquire a skill or pass a test. The learning has a one-way flow and the relationship between teacher and student is low. These days’ web tools can be used to deliver teaching on demand.

Teaching is effective for simple knowledge transfer. This can be facilitated by external experts delivering focused training sessions or asking a skilled team member to do the teaching.

Coaching is focused on competency and skill development. All professional sports teams have at least one 'coach' focused on developing team members and helping them reach their full capabilities. Project & Program Management Coaching focuses on enhancing the ability of project and program managers to apply PM skills effectively to help them be successful in the workplace. The aims of coaching include: 
- enhancing leadership effectiveness,
- performance and career progression within a specific organisational context, 
- development and integration of appropriate mindsets and behaviours, 
- focusing on specific requirements needed for the application of capability.

Your coach brings an enhanced range of skill-sets and aims to transform your mindset with new perspectives. The work is focused on 'raising the bar'; your coach will help you set your career goals and then hold you accountable. Your results goals set the overall objectives and are usually stable, they focus on outcomes. Activity goals are reviewed and updated regularly and are focused on doing things that work towards achieving the desired results. 

Coaching usually focuses on task and performance. Your coach brings an enhanced range of skill-sets and aims to transform your mindset with new perspectives. The work is focused on 'raising the bar'; your coach will help you set your career goals and then hold you accountable by giving feedback on observed performance; this usually happens at the workplace.

The coach is likely to set or suggest goals for the learner and measure performance periodically as the learner develops new skills. This needs a good working relationship between learner and coach and is effective for driving improved performance.

Mentoring is a more complex process and relationship. The skill of the Mentor is to help unlock the complex factors needed to allow the Mentee to grow within his or her self, ask the right questions from within, develop creative solutions, and find new ways to succeed from within themselves. Frequently the Mentee has a similar level of knowledge and experience to the Mentor but needs an independent third party to talk through issues and to explore options and new ideas with; using the combined depth and breadth of vision of both the Mentor and the Mentee to create new insights and knowledge. The aims of mentoring include: 
- being challenged to explore and integrate new perspectives 
- developing new insights on specific challenges, including strategy and policy. 
Your mentor has broad useful experience and the ability to share that with you at a practical and pragmatic level that is goal-directed and which you can apply to your own context. Mentoring is a skilled process, see our blog The art of mentoring

As a project or program manager, you should be using all of these techniques to help develop your team, for more on this see our blog Developing your team.

Mosaic's Project and Program Management Mentoring and Coaching is designed for working project and program managers who feel they need assistance to reach their maximum potential. Dr. Lynda Bourne only accepts a limited number of mentoring assignments at any one time to ensure the delivery of value to each individual client. Patrick Weaver provides coaching in a range of specific project management skills. If you feel this may be of assistance to you or your team Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


Speed Coaching

Our speed coaching gives you access to help and advice from the experts (we don't employ staff to filter calls). Speed coaching sessions last 10 to 15 minutes, by email or telephone, and focus on a specific question that you need an answer to. 

Personal speed coaching is available free of charge to all of Mosaic's trainees. All you need to do is Contact Us by phone or email with your question and we will be happy to help to the best of our ability.   

Organisations wishing to make use of this facility for a group of people should Contact Us with their requirements and we will discuss price and delivery to optimise the value of the service.