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Feedback from our trainees

Learn.pngWe value your feedback, particularly after experiencing the exam!  All feedback is reviewed and used to help improve our training courses (see more on course development).

As a result of feedback from past trainees, our courses:

  • Are Prudent and Practical, you take the exam when you know you are ready! 
  • Focus on the exam - you can access over 1000 questions (complete with detailed answers) before tackling the 200 that count! 
  • You work at your optimum speed - there is no 'acceleration' and there are no surprises! 
  • And we provide one-on-one support to all of our trainees until you pass your exam. 

Some of the emails we like include:


I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMI-SP exam on the first try with “Above Target” in all categories. I appreciate your help and the Mosaic course. The materials from the course were fantastic and really took my understanding of planning, scheduling and a lot of other project categories to another level. The test was very challenging, and without the course I would have greatly struggled to pass. I will definitely keep revisiting the course materials.

Thanks again, Doug K


Thanks!, I have to say that I find really interesting all additional papers that are in your database, really easy to read.  great work!

Best Regards... Sergio

Thank you very much for this coordination, interaction and communication that we had as of today.

Best Regards,  Marios F.

To pass or not to pass? That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stings and sorrows of mis'rable fortune or take knowledge into a sea of questions and by answering, end them?  

Thanks Pat  -  Geoff PMP (from Hamlet 3/1 'to be or not to be')

Since completing your course, I have went on to obtain my PMI-SP, PMP, PSP, and CSM certifications.

It would not have been possible to accomplish all of this, within a 3-month span no less, if it were not for the knowledge gained through your course.

Many thanks once again for your guidance.
Kind regards,

Raymond C

I am glad to inform you that last week I presented the PMI-SP exam and I obtained the certificate from the first attempt.

Thank you for the professional  training and materials you offered me that allowed me to easily pass the exam.

Looking forward to enroll with Mosaic center for another certificate. 

Many thanks,

Nizar Taok.

I have passed my PMI-SP exam. Thank you so much for your help. I enjoy reading your material, and I have learned a lot. In some cases, I can actually apply it in my day to day work.  


Awesome material and course put together really well.  

Chris M.

I've just passed PMI-SP last week. I'd like to say thank you so much to you. Your website is the most useful for PMI-SP aspirant, I read & learn a lot from this site. Especially, term and definition for Schedule Model Analysis (etc LOE, Scheduling risk, Date constraint,...). It's really appreciated!

Thanks again for your contribution.

Binh Nguyen

Hi Pat,

Thanks for expertly taking my daughter Salina Riemer your PMP course a couple of weeks ago. She enjoyed it immensely and thought you and Lynda were fantastic (which I told her in the first place). 

Best regards, 

Manfred,  PMP

Hi Team, 

I just want to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today!! 

I took a 5 minute break when I was at question 100 which was just within the 2 hrs. I finished with just 15 minutes left which I used to review the marked questions, but wasn't able to review all of them.

Then it takes almost a minute to generate the result: Congratulations ....blablabla.
I had to read it twice before I realised I passed

Overall conclusion: it's long, it's exhausting but you can do it if you stay focussed and take a break as Lynda advised. Read the question at least 2-3 times. You should be able to eliminate 2 of the options if you don't know the answer. Do not leave questions unmarked as you might have no time left at the end. Just mark them for review.

Advice for preparing for the exam:  The Mosaic 100 questions and the exam simulator are extremely helpful to prepare for the exam. Try and do as many questions as you can via the simulator. I did 400 but could have done many more.

BTW there were no unexpected questions for me. Keep an eye on the Mosaic handout provided!

I would like to thank Mosaic and Lynda in particular for all the information and materials provided. I believe this is a great way to prepare for an exam. Well done!

Etienne Koot 

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for all your help and support while I prepared for my CAPM exam that I passed recently. Your help and support was instrumental and I can't thank you both enough for all your help and support in obtaining this qualification which was very challenging. 

I would be happy to recommend Mosiac to other colleagues in my network for any and all training that you provide.
Kind Regards,
Josh Singer  

Hi Pat,

I sat for my PMP exam and passed it, right the first time! After a grueling 4 hours of intense concentration, I couldn't believe it when the result was out. The achievement didn't sink it till a few days later.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help; I would have clocked about 2000 questions all up. It was fantastic to get prompt replies with lots of queries that I had up to the eve of my exam!

Thanks heaps for your support!

Uthayamalar, PMP
PMO Specialist

It is with much excitement that I write to tell you I passed my PMP today!  The incredible feeling of nervousness and trepidation when I pressed "submit" with just under a minute to go was surpassed by an overwhelming surge of relief when it returned to tell me I'd passed.

I'm extremely grateful and thankful for all of the help and assistance you've provided right the way through the course, particularly during the last week and a bit when I've been doing my final revision for the exam.  Your speedy turnarounds to my queries on the weekend were unexpected but very much appreciated.  I can thoroughly recommend the Mentored Email™ course to anyone like myself who is not able to commit the time on a set basis to attend classes.  It worked for me, greatly aided by yourselves.
Cheers,  Gerard

Mosaic managed the delivery of an in-house PMP course for Simplot earlier this year. We found the course to be effective and the training enjoyable and effective.

Sue Chan, Strategy and Program Delivery Manager.

Hi Pat & Lynda,

Just letting you know I sat the CAPM exam last Thursday and passed.  I finished with an hour or so remaining.

Since undertaking the CAPM preparation and exam I have been offered a new role at work moving into the Organisational Development and Change Management side of HR and am currently in salary review discussions.  So all in all, not a bad month's work!


Hi Lynda,

I just wanted to let you know that I sat the PMP exam today and passed! Hooray, now I can get my life back. I wanted to thank you – if it wasn’t for the Exam Prep course, there is no way that I would have passed. I have been a Project Manager, or managed Project Managers for many years, but there was still a lot to learn that will be extremely useful in practical application. 

I thought the course was really logically laid out and the tips about sitting for the exam were useful.

All in all, a great course and now I’m going to have some champagne and I’ll toast Mosaic (it’s never too early for champagne).


Dear Lynda,
YAHOO! You'll be pleased to hear that I didn't let down your batting average and managed to PASS!

I found the Exam REALLY HARD! The first 50 questions took an hour and I seemed to be "Marking" every 2nd one.
I did take super quick "Sugar" breaks after every 50 questions (great advice!) But I was STILL struggling to focus on all the scenarios...most questions seemed to be of that style. I picked up a little time in the second half - I just had to decide on answers/guesses FASTER and I finally got some short definition questions. So had 15 mins to review and pressed the EXAM FINISHED button with only 10 seconds on the clock!  The lady in charge (who was lovely!) - said it was vary rare for PMP's not to use the full 4 hours.
Anyway, thanks to you and Lynda for the course - I can't imagine any other way of doing this to get a pass. You were able to distil the important issues - so that at least some of that stayed in my brain, and I knew what to try and focus on.

Thanks again to both of you for all your assistance in getting me over the line!


Dear Patrick,
This is to notify that I have passed CAPM exam in Moscow and today I received CAPM certificate (CAPM number: 507019). 
I'd like to express my thankfulness and appreciation to you and Mosaic Projects for the preparation course and subsequent support.
With warm regards,
Oleg Panna
Novosibirsk, Russia

Hello Pat and Lynda

I passed!!!

Thank you for the great service you provide in preparing for this exam. At first I was really annoyed at the exam focus and the need to do it etc etc, but as I went through the sessions I really got into it – I found great benefit in the detail, in having to remember percentages (for example) – it adds further definition to things I know well in concept. Thank you for the session layout and pace. The sessions are achievable in one study chunk – I would do all of the work on one, then answer the test questions the next day, or later that day. It made it very easy for me to pace the work – as I had chosen a very aggressive schedule. Thank you also, and most of all, for the prompt service you provide. There is no way I would have been able to work things in a short space of time without that.

So I really enjoyed it and thank you. I will certainly speak well of the service you provide.


Hi Pat,
Guess what..... 
I passed the PMP cert exam this afternoon ( currently in process of celebrating as suggested in pre-exam crash course :-) )
Quality course and fantastic online question tools !!
I could of not of done it without you, your company and the access to online tools that you have provided.
You just never know, we may bump into each other at the chapter meetings :-)
Best and most kindest regards,

Linda and Pat
I have completed my PMP Exam this morning and am pleased to advise I achieved aPASS, with a "Moderately Proficient" in Initiation, and "Proficient" in all other areas.
An appropriate time to thank you for your continuous monitoring and advice during the course, and for the occasional encouragement. Clearly the course achieved the objective. I would recommend the Mentored Email course for anyone who enjoys current employment. This recommendation is substantiated by the simple fact that it is some 40 years since I last sat for a formal exam!
My sincere thanks and I trust you share in my celebration
Mike Worth